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 We DO repair & service Dearborn "VENT FREE" heaters, as well as other brands, (from the newest to the oldest) depending on parts.  Our store is located in FORT WORTH, TEXAS (see map).  If you need to bring your heater to our store for service, please call ahead to insure hours of operation. To arrange  a  service call to your home or office, (limited area) please give us a call for more information.  Our "in shop" service charge (Dearborn products only) is only $59.95 + parts + tax and with non Dearborn products and  Antique heaters, shop charges are quoted on review and request.  IF you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:


We can repair your heater along with Painting for $200.00 + parts + tax.

the progress  takes about a month so get it to us early so you can get the heater back before the heating season begins!!!!!





For Tech support please  e-mail: 


notice:  tech support will not answer e-mail's unless you supply a model number and the location of the heater.....such as state/town etc.


If you own an older model (manual operation)  Dearborn  or other brand floor or bath wall heater, and live out side of our service area, you may be able to remove the burner / valve assy. and send it to us for repair.  PLEASE call for more information on this service and instructions on how to safely remove and reinstall the burner.  Turn around is @ SEVEN (7) working days + shipping.